Throwback Thursday (#TBT): Bussmann Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation

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One hundred years ago, the Bussmann brothers had an idea. With what little resources they had, they toiled away to produce fuses from the basement of their home.

….It goes without saying, Bussmann has come a long way since those early days of production.

From providing fuses for horseless carriages and WWII aircrafts to more than 30,000 products today, Bussmann is a world leader in critical circuit protection, power management, and electrical safety.

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In true Throwback Thursday (#TBT) tradition, I’ll showcase some good old-fashioned history from Bussmann, one of Graybar’s suppliers. Because our history makes us who we are. (And if we don’t know where we came from, we don’t know where we’re going.)

Bussmann’s History At A Glance


Did you know that Bussmann products have received more than 3,000 utility and design patents and more than 350 global active patents over the past 100 years?
….Here are a few historical company highlights:


The Bussmann brothers—Joe, Al, Frank, Lee, and Harry—founded Bussmann Manufacturing. The first product they produced was a non-renewable cartridge fuse.



Fuses for horseless carriages were produced, and Bussmann moved to a larger facility to keep pace with growing demand.


A patent for the portable electric lamp was awarded to Bussmann. And, just for fun, here’s an old-school ad of Bussmann’s Clamp-O-Set lamp in the Butterick Quarterly publication. (See Featured Image Above)


1939 to 1945

From range finders and signal apparatuses to radio communications, Bussmann proudly served our country by providing products used during WWII.






Bussmann and Eaton joined forces. Cooper Bussmann is now part of the electrical business of Eaton, who acquired Cooper Industries in late 2012.




100 Years Strong

From its modest beginnings in St. Louis, Missouri to a global product and distribution network to contend with, Bussmann was built on a rich American history. To celebrate 100 years of innovation, Eaton’s Bussmann installed a museum at its headquarters in Ellisville, Missouri. Here, take a look.

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Todd Reed, National Market Manager

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