Lighting the Way: Outdoor Lighting Products for Daylight Savings

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On Sunday, November 6 at 2:00 am, Daylight Savings will end, and we’ll all roll our clocks back an hour. While most of us enjoy an extra 60 minutes of sweet, sweet sleep, some poor soul will show up to work an hour early on Monday morning. Don’t be that guy. Remember to “fall back.”

But the end of Daylight Savings is about so much more than sleeping in. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, outdoor lighting becomes an even greater security and efficiency concern. To mark the end of Daylight Savings, we’ve rounded up a few energy-smart outdoor lighting products to shine brightly through the fall and winter months.

Here are some outdoor lighting products:

OLWX2 LED Low Profile Wall Pack by Lithonia Lighting

As we dream of sunnier days, outdoor lighting works overtime to illuminate building perimeters, driveways, and loading areas. Proper outdoor lighting is essential for security, efficiency, and aesthetics. So why send 400-watt metal halides to do a job that was made for LEDs? Hit the bench, metal halides. Lithonia Lighting will take it from here.

OLWX2 LED Low Profile Wall Packs by Lithonia Lighting:

  • Replace 400W metal halide wall packs, delivering 81% energy savings
  • Are offered in 7,300 (88W) or 13,500 (148W) lumens, for an easy, one-to-one replacement of 400W metal halides—regardless of mounting height
  • Deliver maximum light output and efficiency
  • Can be mounted to a recessed junction box, on conduit/through wiring, as an uplight or downlight, or as a high-powered floodlight (using floodlight mounting accessories)
  • Deliver an impressive service life of 20+ years
  • Maintain the sleek, low-profile aesthetic of the popular OLWX1, with more lumens and mounting options for floodlight and wall pack applications
  • Are ideal for loading areas, building perimeters, driveways, and sign and floodlighting applications


Eaton’s Lumark Night Falcon LED Floodlight

Some things don’t last as long as we’d hope, like holiday weekends, a full tank of gas, and summer vacations. But unlike the days of summer long gone, Eaton’s Lumark Night Falcon LED Floodlight will keep on shining for many days, weeks, and years to come.

The Lumark Night Falcon LED Floodlight:

  • Delivers optimal light distribution and 75% in energy savings vs. traditional 400W HIDs
  • Features optional integrated dimming sensors that conserve energy during low-usage periods and occupancy detection that raises light levels on demand
  • Reduces installation costs by maximizing space between fixtures
  • Offers multiple mounting options and weighs less than 25 pounds, for maximum versatility and effortless installation
  • Features a rugged die-cast housing that’s 3G and IP66 vibration rated to withstand even the harshest installs
  • Achieves lumen maintenance of 90% at 50,000 hours, for consistent performance and a maintenance-free life of up to 15 years
  • Is ideal for a range of commercial and industrial applications, including security lighting, building façade lighting, floodlighting, and pole-mount applications


Lumark Crosstour MAXX LED Wall Pack Series

There are some things in life you can’t control, like 6:00 am traffic jams, gloomy winter weather, and the size of your annual bonus. The Lumark Crosstour MAXX LED Wall Pack Series from Eaton’s Cooper Lighting is the exception to the rule. With the Lumark Crosstour MAXX LED Wall Pack Series, your customers will lock down a new level of optimized optical control.

The Lumark Crosstour MAXX LED Wall Pack Series:

  • Delivers 85 percent in energy and maintenance savings vs. traditional H.I.D. solutions
  • Comes in 3500K and 5000K CCT and provides an impressive 7,416 lumens of light output
  • Is available with optional dimming drivers (0-12V), occupancy sensors, 90-minute emergency battery back-up, and a pole-mount arm
  • Incorporates integrated high-output LEDs, for greater efficiency and optimized optical control
  • Is ideal for a range of applications, including institutions and loading docks, perimeter parking areas, pedestrian walkways, building entrances, and storage, industrial, and multi-use facilities
  • Can be installed in wall, pole-mount, or inverted configurations for wall/surface, perimeter and site lighting, and façade/canopy illumination
  • Is rated for use in -40°C to 40°C (high ambient 50°C available)
  • Is impervious to contaminants, and is IP66, UL Wet Location, and 3G Vibration Rated
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


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