Graybar’s Total Cost of Install Tour: NECA Boston 2016

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Trade shows can be a sterile product showcase that often leaves it to the contractor to imagine what this means to them. Not here. To show contractors just how much time and money they can save, Graybar hosted an interactive Total Cost of Install (TCI) tour with real products and services in a hands-on jobsite demo.

Did you know that Graybar has realized more than a $116,000,000 benefit through continuous improvement focus in our own business? We use the same CI methods to help electrical contractors save time, effort, and money as well.


Keep reading for the highlights of Graybar’s TCI tour. Let’s start where any profitable job begins – the estimate.

Electronic Estimation

Creating a bid can be time-consuming and frustrating. First, you need to request pricing on materials and wait for that quote to arrive. Your “non-package” materials could be a significant factor. After you have your materials priced out, you still need to factor in labor costs, tally everything up, and double-check the details. If you miss anything, your bid could be too low to cover costs or too high to land you the project. And then you apply a “gut factor” based on what you can buy it for.

Why waste all that time creating a bid that doesn’t fill you with confidence? Create accurate bids quickly and easily with Graybar’s electronic estimation software:

  • Access up-to-date pricing for thousands of items directly from your software.
  • Only special items and packages need to be reviewed and quoted by your Graybar rep, so you’ll turn around quotes much faster.
  • Pricing is completed electronically, eliminating data entry errors and based on your special pricing.
  • With the click of a button, you can pull pricing for hundreds of items in about 15 seconds flat.
  • Graybar estimation services are compatible with common estimation software packages.


Graybar SmartReelSM

On a big cable pull, reels can easily weigh a ton or more. Maneuvering heavy reels requires a lot of effort, skill, equipment, and manpower. When you tie up all those resources in one task, your Total Cost of Install climbs. Not on Graybar’s watch.

The Graybar SmartReel portable payout system is a much easier, simpler, and more efficient way to pull cable. The Graybar SmartReel turns and spins in place, making it easy for one person to move reels that weigh up to 5,000 pounds. Graybar loads up the reel, delivers it to you, and you just let ‘er rip.


Job Carts & Fixture Carts

Why pay your best journeyman to unpack boxes and sort through cardboard? When a shipment of materials arrives on-site, your team pulls themselves away from more productive work to receive the shipment, move and unpack boxes, and deal with recycling cardboard packaging. When you have boxes scattered across the jobsite, you not only waste time, but the cardboard is a real hassle and hazard.

Reduce waste and cut costs with Graybar job carts:

  • Graybar job carts are like a mobile inventory and warehouse all rolled into one.
  • Graybar ships the job cart with all the products you need for a specific location or job. Just receive the shipment and wheel the cart to the right location on the jobsite.
  • With an inventory of exactly what you need in one convenient location, your team will spend less time searching for products and less time dealing with cardboard.
  • With Graybar job carts, you’ll minimize transportation waste and reduce the risk of lost or misplaced products.
  • Graybar can also add QR codes to your job cart. Just scan the QR codes through Graybar’s app to get a quote, order more products, and keep track of your inventory. How could this drive information transfer and accuracy in your business?

Graybar also offers fixture carts for lighting installations. We do the work on the front-end, so you can eliminate cardboard waste, spend less time unboxing fixtures, and complete installations faster. Imagine receiving the right fixtures for the space, unpacked, inspected, and ready to install! Pull in even greater efficiency with Graybar’s paralleling, wire and cable management, kitting, storage and staging, and integrated supply services.


Graybar SmartStock®

Poorly managed inventory is costly. If you don’t order enough materials, you pay your best workers to sit idle or search for the next thing to do. When you order too many materials, cash flow shrinks and efficiency tanks. With inventory in your warehouse, on your jobsites, and in your vans, it’s anyone’s best guess what inventory you have and where to find it. None of that is good news for your Total Cost of Install.

Managing inventory is easy with Graybar SmartStock:

  • With Graybar SmartStock, you can easily manage your inventory online and check out materials for certain jobs, so you’ll always know where your materials are and when you’re running low.
  • To order more materials or get a quote, just scan the QR code associated with the product.
  • With Graybar SmartStock, it’s easy to keep track of how many items you have and how many you’d like to pull for a specific job.
  • Track project costs by allocating items to your total project spend.
  • Track inventory in your service vans to ensure your team has what they need when they need it.


Graybar Financial Services®

You probably aren’t keen on bankrolling that big renovation project upfront, and neither is your customer. You probably don’t want to deal with the hassle of collection either. Whether it’s a lighting retrofit or a motor controls project, Graybar can finance the projects that you might propose to your customers.

Graybar Financial Services, the project and equipment financing arm of Graybar, is the smart way to finance new business. Instead of just proposing the initial capital expenditure in your bid, you can give your customers the option of a monthly payment. When your customers spread out costs over a certain period, the project can become cash-flow-positive from the get-go. This helps get your proposal to the top of the pile.

You’ve won the job and are now moving to your pre-job meetings. This is an excellent time to also include Graybar to plan the logistics (and the profitability) of your job. Together, we can identify opportunities to overcome hurdles, handle work where it can be logically done, and reduce those hidden cost traps.


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Todd Reed, National Market Manager

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