LED Lighting Retrofits For Big-Box Retail: Slashing Energy & Maintenance Costs

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While lighting retrofits may be a harder sell for smaller businesses, they’re a no-brainer for big-box retailers, whose lighting often accounts for a sizeable portion of their energy spend.

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From the cooler doors to the sales floor, total efficiency is key to profitability in big-box retail. And lighting is no exception. When it comes to retail, and many other applications, LED lighting reduces energy and maintenance costs. In this blog post, we’ll discuss high-level lighting needs within retail, and why LEDs are usually a clear winner.

Retail Lighting Needs

Let’s say you’re competing for a big retail gig, like a lighting retrofit job for a national retail chain. Winning business of that size could seriously boost your reputation and profitability, but you’ll need an edge to get there. One way to stand out from the rest—and win bigger and better business—is to appeal to each customers’ unique needs.

Let’s go over a few key considerations for retail lighting:

The Customer Experience

To win big business, it’s important to understand how lighting impacts the customer experience. Whether the customer is shopping for small appliances, vitamins, or groceries, proper lighting sets the mood for spending. Otherwise, how can we choose from the myriad of options? (And how can we escape from shopping quickly?)

Greater Efficiency & Lower Costs

Nowadays, the phrases “energy efficient” and “LED lighting” practically go hand in hand. Thanks to Nobel-winning science, LEDs deliver long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting. For good reason, they’re becoming prevalent in homes and businesses all across the nation.

Reduced operating costs and increased efficiency is key for retail end users. So, to win that valuable retail gig, it’s important to appeal to the dollars-and-cents mindset of key decision-makers. Many retail stores are outfitted with standard light bulbs and fluorescent lamps, but none of these options come close to LEDs for efficiency and longevity.

Walgreens Saves Big On Lighting 

The Backstory

For Walgreens’ store in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, a lighting retrofit was long overdue. This 15,900-square-foot store was built in 1999, and outfitted with fluorescent fixtures on the sales floor, metal halide fixtures in the exterior soffits, and incandescent lighting in the coolers and freezers. 

The Retrofit

Since lighting accounts for approximately 25 percent of Walgreens’ total energy spend, a full LED lighting retrofit made perfect sense. To avoid throwing a wrench in productivity, and to keep the store open, the retrofit was completed in several phases.

Here’s how Acuity helped Walgreens cut their maintenance and energy costs:

  • Throughout the sales floor, Walgreens installed the RT Series LED luminaires.
  • Since Z Series LED strip lights are ideal for uplight and downlight retrofit applications, and boast a longer maintenance-free life, they were installed in the vestibule.
  • To give the pharmacy a stronger visual appeal, Ecos™ Square LED downlights from Gotham® were installed.
  • Throughout the store, Acculamp® PAR38 LED lamps were used in track lighting.
  • In the back stock room, VAP ARCHWAY™ PASSAGE™ LED luminaires were added.
  • For energy savings and better illumination, CSX LED luminaires were a natural choice for the building exterior.

The Results

The LED lighting retrofit helped Walgreens create a more pleasing ambiance for customers and employees, all while reducing energy and maintenance costs. Walgreens no longer needs their previous routine monthly service call to assess and replace lighting. In fact, their maintenance costs dropped to practically zero overnight. Not bad for a retrofit, if you ask me.

Read the full case study.

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Todd Reed, National Market Manager

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