Conquer Three Tough Installation Challenges With Eaton’s B-Line series KwikSplice Cable Tray System

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From planning and takeoff, to installing supports and field cutting / drilling, traditional cable tray systems can be tricky to install. In this blog post, we’ll discuss these challenges, and how Eaton’s B-Line series KwikSplice™ cable tray can help make your next project even easier.

1. Planning & Takeoff

During project takeoff, you’re tasked with estimating how much cable tray you’ll need. That means counting every single fitting and creating a bill of materials (BOM) based on that count. You can’t get cracking until your cable tray arrives either, and that could mean sitting idle for two or three weeks. Sometimes, the design doesn’t work the way you planned either, and you have a difference in fittings. Now what?

2. Installing Supports

Once contractors get the material onsite, the fun begins. Now it’s time to plan out the install, starting with the supports themselves. There are a lot of different ways to splice the cords. In a typical commercial application, you’re dealing with trapeze systems that involve threaded rod, cut pieces of strut, and different parts and components. That sounds like a lot to manage.

3. Field Cuttings

Cable tray typically comes in standard lengths—usually 10 or 12 feet. With most cable tray options, there’s a lot of field cutting needed to cut the specific length to match the run. To cut the side rail profiles, you’ll need a circular saw, a portable band saw, and a range of other tools. All of a sudden, your toolbox just got bigger (and your day just got longer).

Get It Done Faster & Save With KwikSplice


Contractors need cable tray solutions that help reduce lead time, pre-planning, labor, material costs, and field drilling and cutting. With Eaton’s B-Line series KwikSplice cable tray system, it’s a cinch.

With an innovative two-bolt splice connection, universal fitting, tab-and-lock trapeze system, and tool-less accessories, contractors can save up to 50 percent on materials and installation time with the Eaton’s B-Line series KwikSplice cable tray system.

With the KwikSplice cable tray system, contractors:

1. Reduce Lead Time & Planning

Instead of waiting up to three weeks for everything to be put together and shipped, contractors can utilize the universal fittings that are typically in stock. You’ll get your hands on the KwikSplice cable tray system in less than a week or two—sometimes even a few days. That saves you a lot of time and hassle upfront.

2. Simplify Installation

KwikSplice cable tray minimizes supports needed, saving you time and money. Wire basket solutions are typically supported every five feet, whereas the KwikSplice cable tray system is supported every 10-12 feet. The KwikSplice system literally cuts your supports in half on a project, for substantial material and labor savings.

For total power and performance, the KwikSplice cable tray system is engineered to deliver one of the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the industry. Even with a lighter profile and physical weight, the KwikSplice system can carry more on a longer span.

3. Reduce Field Drilling & Cutting

KwikSplice cable tray utilizes a universal fitting that takes the place of all horizontal fittings. This reduces the overall footprint and number of SKUs and eliminates field cutting of fittings associated with traditional wire basket solutions. That means an easier cut, for less labor and wear-and-tear on equipment. With the two-bolt splice, there’s no need to drill new splice plate holes in the side rail either, for up to 50 percent less field drilling vs.other cable tray systems.

Buy KwikSplice Cable Tray & Get FREE 4Dimension Strut Trapeze Kits

At Graybar, we think you can have it all. That means the biggest piece of steak, complete dominion over the remote control, and super-easy installations on every project. KwikSplice cable tray system has you covered on all fronts. (Well, for easier installs at least.)

More savings and efficiency? You got it.

Place a qualifying order of KwikSplice cable tray by September 30, 2016 with your local Graybar branch and get free B-Line series 4D21 strut trapeze kits with multi-sided functionality. The free kits include all you need to install the system: 4D21 strut cut to length, time-saving Flip Clip™, and hardware.

Saving on your next project is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Use promo code KS6328 with your order
  2. Place a qualifying KwikSplice™ order by September 30, 2016 with your local Graybar branch
  3. Get FREE 4D21 strut trapeze hangers for your installation*

*Must include promo code and must specify the total number of 4D21 trapeze supports on P.O. when placing an order. Minimum order value of $1000. Offer includes up to one free 4D21 trapeze support kit per straight section and two free 4D21 trapeze support kits per fitting. Offer limited to 200 free 4D21 trapeze kits per project per order. Offer will expire after September 30, 2016. Standard Terms & Conditions apply. Standard freight policy applies.


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