Join Graybar At The BICSI 2015 Conference (#BICSI)

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Mark your calendars! From February 22-26, 2015, Graybar’s data center team will be in Orlando, Florida. (No, they’re not going to Walt Disney World.)

The Graybar team is packing their bags and making their way to the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center for the BICSI 2015 conference. (It’s not Epcot® Theme Park, but it’s still exciting.)

If you plan to attend BICSI this year, don’t be a stranger. Drop by Graybar’s booth (#1106) for ground-breaking product highlights and a special giveaway. Hint: you like coffee, right? (If you said no, check your pulse.)

Here’s a sneak peak:

Graybar SmartStock® Plus App

When it comes to the jobsite, organization often means the difference between profits and efficiency, and pricey errors. Wouldn’t it be great if money grew on trees? Newsflash: it doesn’t.

Misplaced or misused materials adds complication to your job, and thoughtless mistakes can cost thousands. So why rely on outdated inventory-management systems?

With the Graybar SmartStock Plus app, restocking parts and materials is as easy as scan, click, and deliver. To get started, let your Graybar rep know you’d like to join the SmartStock Plus inventory-management program. Then we’ll provide QR code labels for the products you need.

To learn more about Graybar SmartStock Plus, drop by our booth (#1106) at BICSI 2015 or click here.

Graybar Financial Services

When you’re competing for that big project, the last thing you need is budget limitations to throw a wrench in your proposal. Usually, if your customer can’t cough up the cash, you’re out of a sale.

To address these challenges, Graybar provides financial solutions for communications and data, energy-efficiency, and security projects. To overcome budget limitations and close more sales, we provide 100 percent project financing solutions to your customers. You can bundle equipment, installation, and maintenance charges into an affordable monthly payment that suits your customers’ needs. We’ll get the financing done, so you can get the job done.

To learn more about Graybar Financial, drop by our booth (#1106) at BICSI 2015, call 1.800.241.7408 or email us.


Tired of the same ol’ stale coffee, day after day? Not sure if your rickety coffee pot can withstand the rigors of the jobsite?
COFFEEBOXX™ was born ready for tough environments and tasty coffee. This handy contraption brews a perfect cup of coffee in just 90 seconds. To defend your java, COFFEEBOXX™ features an impact-resistant shell and a crush-proof core that can handle a quarter-ton load. (If a forklift backs over it, it’s still makin’ coffee.) It’s also water, dust, and rust resistant, with a watertight and spill-proof design.

Stop by our booth at BICSI (#1106) for a chance to win this tough (and handsome) coffee-brewin’ machine.

More Show Highlights

At BICSI, we’re also highlighting a number of ground-breaking products and services designed to make your job, and life, easier:

Be sure to visit us at BICSI for more details.

Join Us Online (#BICSI)

So you don’t miss anything, follow the online conversation under the #BICSI hashtag. We’ll tweet about conference happenings, giveaways, learnings, and anything else we think you’ll find interesting—so keep an eye out. (You want to win that COFFEEBOXX, don’t you?)

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Todd Reed, National Market Manager

Husband to a professionally licensed architectural engineer and lighting designer (a.k.a. Lisa J. Reed) and son-in-law to an electrician, Todd knows the importance of efficiency, safety, and productivity for electrical contractors. Todd is a seasoned professional, with 5 years’ experience within a family-owned distribution business and 10 years as a Graybar employee. As National Market Manager at Graybar, Todd’s goal is to find the best products and solutions to help contractors work more efficiently, stay safe on the job, and win more productive and profitable business.

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