G2 Roundup: From LP-Rated Cables to Outdoor LED Lighting

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Graybar’s G2 Talks is a monthly webinar series that helps electrical contractors, installers, and data communications professionals stay up to speed on the latest and greatest in the industry. To bring you a new topic and speaker each month, we team up with the best and brightest subject matter experts from our wide range of world-class manufacturers.

Get your learning hats on, folks. Here are a few of my favorite G2 Talks, straight from the Graybar webinar archives:

Power Over Ethernet, LP Rated Cables & The NEC

As the connected world gets even more connected, devices get more sophisticated and draw more power. The trouble is, traditional Cat 5e cables can’t always handle the heat. Cable choice matters, especially in high-wattage Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications where temperature rise is a concern.

What You’ll Learn
In this G2 Talk, Graybar and General Cable will discuss Limited Power (LP), a new rating developed by UL. You’ll learn how cables are impacted at higher power levels, how LP certification addresses the latest revision of the National Electrical Code, and how to design your systems using LP-listed cables.

This G2 Talk is approved for one BICSI CEC credit.


Evolution of In-Building Networks

Ever-increasing data demands have put a strain on current in-building wireless and local area networks. Making the switch to fiber-based networks gives end-users a more intelligent, robust networking system.

What You’ll Learn
In this G2 Talk, Jason Greene of Corning Optical Communications will discuss the evolving in-building network. He’ll touch on the software-defined networking (SDN) platform or “deep fiber” network, and how Corning’s ONE wireless platform delivers a complete, future-ready solution for enterprise and wireless operators.

This G2 Talk is approved for one BICSI CEC credit.


Install Lighting Controls Quickly & Easily

Rising labor costs for lighting installs hit you where it hurts. The trouble is, many wired lighting control systems are difficult to program and install. With traditional lighting control systems, installers must run cables and wires, which can be difficult or even impossible in some retrofits. With nLight AIR from Acuity, you’ll deliver the efficiency your customers need—without taking a hit on labor costs.

What You’ll Learn
In this webinar, you’ll learn how nLight AIR can help you simplify lighting controls installations, meet energy code compliance, and avoid many of the pitfalls of a traditional wired lighting control system.


Improving Electrical Safety Compliance: Arc Flash & LOTO

According to OSHA (OSHA Lockout/Tagout Factsheet), compliance with lockout/tagout standards prevents an estimated 50,000 injuries and 120 deaths every year. Lockout/tagout and arc flash compliance are crucial for workplace productivity and employee safety, but what exactly goes into a comprehensive electrical safety program?

What You’ll Learn
In this webinar, Brady’s Andrew Mueller and Josh Mikels will take you through lockout procedures and arc flash compliance, two crucial elements of electrical safety. You’ll learn how to create and sustain proper lockout procedures and how the recently changed NFPA 70E impacts arc flash compliance.


3 of the Biggest Misconceptions About Outdoor LED Lighting

We all know that LED lighting is efficient and long-lasting, but there’s so much more to LEDs than simplified maintenance and reduced energy usage. If you’re looking to break into the healthcare vertical market, now’s the time to give outdoor LED lighting a second look.

What You’ll Learn
In this Graybar G2 Talk, Karyn Gayle of Acuity Brands Lighting sheds light on common misconceptions about outdoor LED lighting in healthcare applications. Learn about the lesser-known benefits of outdoor LEDs, from enhanced security to better lumen management.


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