Slaying Energy Vampires: Todd’s Product Picks For Energy Awareness Month

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Halloween is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: squeezing into a giant lobster costume and eating our weight in tiny Snickers bars. (Who said Halloween is just for kids?)

But while you’re hoarding Milk Duds and pawning off candy corn on unsuspecting victims (let’s face it: no one likes candy corn), watch your back. In the well-lit corners of every home and office, there are energy vampires and phantoms afoot—and they’re out for blood.

Grab some garlic and sharpen your stakes, folks. For Energy Awareness Month, we’re slaying energy vampires and phantoms. After all, there are much better ways to save energy than turning out the lights after you’ve eaten—ummm, handed out—all the best candy.

Here are my top energy-slashing product picks:

nLight AIR Wireless Lighting Controls From Acuity

Acuity nLight

Adding a lighting control network to a renovation project can be challenging, especially in buildings that have been ripped apart by vampires and zombies. Running cables and wires can be tricky or impossible, costing you time and money. With nLight AIR by Acuity Controls, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. nLight AIR from Acuity Controls:

  • Combines wireless technology and lighting control.
  • Integrates an occupancy and daylight sensor into one smart fixture, for easy installation.
  • Features an embedded smart sensor with integrated wireless communications, so there’s only one component to install: the fixture.
  • Allows users to create zones, pair wireless controls, and modify sensor settings with the CLAIRITY app.
  • Features an ironclad, five-tier security architecture.
  • Features wireless, battery-powered wall switches that offer a ten-year battery life, many configurations, and a range of control options.
  • Is simple to use and easy to install.
  • Aids in energy code compliance.


Leviton’s Lumina RF Energy-Management Eco-System

Unlike the vampires of modern literature, your customers don’t need shape-shifting powers to remotely control HVAC, lights, fans, pumps, and third-party window coverings. With the Lumina RF Energy-Management Eco-System from Leviton, you’ll drive a stake through wasted energy. The Lumina RF Eco-System:

  • Allows contractors to pursue new revenue streams in the light-commercial automation market.
  • Quickly automates and provides remote access for small commercial properties.
  • Can control lights, thermostats, load-control modules, compressors, pumps, and more.
  • Provides access to IP cameras for video surveillance.
  • Works either locally or via the cloud.
  • Can be programmed for multiple users at various authority levels.
  • Controls up to 40 wireless devices and includes event logic scheduling, email or SMS text notification, software for setup, and a free app for remote access.
  • Is simple to operate remotely via a smart device.
  • Features simplified programming logic for easy installation.


Schneider’s PowerLogic PM8000 Series Meters

Schneider PowerLogic PM8000

With their pale skin and pointy teeth, regular vampires are easy to spot in a crowd. But energy vampires are a whole new breed of evil. In low and high voltage applications in industrial facilities, utility networks, commercial buildings, and critical power environments, energy-sucking vampires can be tricky to find. But with Schneider’s PowerLogic PM8000 Series Meters, energy vampires have nowhere to hide.

PowerLogic PM8000 Series Meters are compact, cost-effective, multifunctional power meters that:

  • Help ensure the efficiency and reliability of power-critical facilities.
  • Make power quality simple to understand, ensuring greater productivity, increased equipment life, and less downtime.
  • Quickly deliver critical information related to asset management, energy, and the electrical network through customizable web pages and the on-board display.
  • Feature power monitoring, logging, and forecasting, which helps ensure safe operating tolerances and prevent overloads, unbalances, or high peak demand.
  • Demystify complex power-quality conditions, so your customers can understand, measure, and act on data gathered from the entire power system.
  • Are simple to program and install.
  • Easily integrate with existing building systems and allow your customers to plan for future expansion.


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