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Are You Tough Enough To Wear Pink? 3M’s Pink Hard Hat Campaign

October 18

Being “tough” means something different to everyone. But if you ask me, it’s all about staying steady when the going gets rough. As the old...

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Lighting The Way: 3 Common Misconceptions About Outdoor LED Lighting

October 11

When it comes to longevity and efficiency, standard light bulbs and fluorescents can’t hold a candle to LEDs. But there’s so much more to LED...

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Throwback Thursday: Inventing The First Solid-State Dimmer (#TBT)

August 25

Bringing the solid-state dimmer to American homes was a triumph that unleashed a world of possibilities for the lighting industry. And we have one...

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Leviton Switches & Wallplates: Selling Antimicrobial Treated Devices To Hospitals

August 18

A warm bowl of chicken soup and an evening of Netflix is usually enough to kick a pesky cold. But in hospitals and healthcare facilities, illnesses...

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Power Through 3 Tough Cable Pull Challenges With Graybar SmartReelSM

July 25

Beating your co-worker Bob in an arm-wrestle? Piece of cake. Hauling a heavy reel jack, maneuvering a 5,000-pound cable reel, keeping the wire reel...

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Going Beyond Lighting: Selling Wireless Controls For Building Automation

June 22

Building owners and operators demand superior energy savings, control, and convenience. To address these needs, today’s wireless building controls...

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How To Sell Lighting Controls (Part 2): Know The Application

May 9

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed a few important areas of focus when selling lighting controls: knowing your customer, zeroing in on relevant...

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How To Sell Lighting Controls (Part 1)

May 2

By customizing lighting to suit the needs of a space, building owners and operators can lock down superior levels of efficiency. With today’s LEDs...

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Happy Groundhog Day! Seeing Shadows + Electrical Grounding & Bonding

February 2

Today we collectively cross our fingers, eager for our fuzzy woodchuck friend to emerge from his burrow and bestow us with an early spring. Some of...

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Part Two – Warehouse Lighting Series: Shedding Light On LEDs, Controls & Networked Solutions

December 8

In Part 1 of this post, we unpacked the basics of networked lighting solutions, including the fundamentals of technology, industry adoption, and...

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