Digital Tools O’ The Trade: Simplified Installation & Materials Management

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Like a kid on Christmas, do your eyes light up at the prospect of a new gadget? From cable cutters to power drills, I’m sure you’ve amassed an impressive collection of tools over the years. But is your digital toolbox fully stocked? (It’s not all about torque and power.)

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In the good ol’ days, construction meant a day of back-breaking labor. Well, we’ve come a long way since then. You still work hard, but modern technology helps with the heavy lifting. In this blog post, we’ll chat about the digital tools designed to make your job, and life, easier.

The Support You Need To Get ‘Er Done

Whether you’re a digital native or a late adopter, there’s no question that technology has revolutionized the jobsite. Besides a new laptop, or a printer/scanner that doesn’t jam, which digital tools top your wish list? Sometimes contractors need more sophisticated tools, especially when it comes to material management and installation troubleshooting.

Here are a few digital tools to help you along the way:

Seamless Product Ordering & Management

Corning’s Bill-Of-Materials (BOM) Tool makes it fast and easy for electrical contractors, integrators, and installers to select the fiber optic products needed for enterprise projects. This handy tool allows you to:

  • Select the products and accessories you need
  • Modify quantities and locations as needed
  • Save projects locally on your own computer
  • Email the completed spreadsheet to your preferred distributor for a quote, or to a colleague for reference

Here’s how it works:

Get The Parts You Need, When You Need ‘Em

Electrical contractors expect a lot from their distributors and suppliers. They want accurate, timely, and detailed quotes, and access to the replacement parts they need. They demand visibility throughout the entire ordering process, answering questions like: Has my order been received? Is it being manufactured? Will it arrive on time? 

PROficient from Schneider Electric, which is being piloted in a few select cities across the U.S., answers these concerns with a suite of easy-to-use digital tools. Here’s how it works, and what’s driving the need:

Streamlined Installation, Fewer Headaches

For electrical contractors, integrators and installers, troubleshooting products tests your patience and eats into productivity. To navigate this issue, CommScope developed the WebTrak and cTrak web applications. 

CommScope’s fiber optic, coax, and UTP cables have a 13-digit identifier at every 18 inches of cable. If you’re having installation issues, simply key in the identifier code from your device or laptop to pull the test record from CommScope’s factory. You get the info you need quickly, so you can get back to work. (Sorry if we cut your coffee break short.)

CTrak is available on CommScope’s wireless product and fiber optic MPO assemblies. You can find all the test data online on WebTrak. Just look for WebTrak on CommScope’s website. Or go to the App store on your mobile device and type in “CommScope,” then download the app for free onto your mobile phone.

Here’s how it works:

Over To You

What digital tools top your wish list? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below, or connecting with us on Twitter @GraybarESP or on Facebook.


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Todd Reed, National Market Manager

As National Market Manager at Graybar, Todd’s goal is to find the best products and solutions to help contractors work more efficiently, stay safe on the job, and win more productive and profitable business.

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