3 Tips: How To Sell Lighting Retrofits To The Small Business Owner

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From a reduced energy bill to a more pleasing ambience for customers, lighting retrofits present many opportunities to small business owners—but not all small businesses are aware of the benefits that lighting retrofits provide. Someone needs to educate them. (And that someone is you.)

Contractors create demand for lighting retrofits by focusing on what small business owners care about most. Here are a few tips:

1. Focus On The Customer Experience

During a routine visit to my optometrist, I didn’t need new glasses to see that lighting improvements were long overdue. (I’ll never fly a fighter plane in the military, but I get by.)

The problem: The sales floor lacked the aesthetic appeal that proper lighting and new fixtures could provide. And Dr. DiMartino’s examination rooms contained inefficient fixtures and poor lighting control.

No one likes shopping in a store with bad lighting. (My shopping trips are usually a race against time, and I’d like to see what I’m buying before I shell out the cash.) And choosing the right pair of frames from 50 options is harder than skipping coffee on a Monday morning. I need all the help I can get.

To sell more lighting retrofits to small businesses—especially within retail—contractors should be aware of how the customer experience impacts sales. When I mentioned how these issues could affect Dr. DiMartino’s business, he was all ears. (Or should I say eyes? Excuse the pun.)

2. Focus On Dollars & Cents

I returned to the office with a Graybar sales rep to take stock of the current situation. We considered how the customer experience impacted overall sales, and how Dr. DiMartino would benefit from greater energy efficiency (a lower energy bill) and a more inviting ambience. (For added savings, some small businesses may be eligible for money-saving rebates.)

We discussed a few different options with Dr. DiMartino, then we got to work. Our plan included replacements for inefficient fixtures, and specific fixtures for higher quality lighting and better lighting control in the patient rooms, all while reducing energy usage. (3 birds, one stone.)

3. Focus On Results

When you complete a lighting retrofit job, don’t just dust off your hands and call it a day—keep track of results. If you can demonstrate past successes to future clients, you’ll win more business.

Here’s how we helped Dr. DiMartino:

  • The lighting retrofit produced a 93% wattage reduction, better dimming controls in the examination room, and a more inviting ambience.
  • By replacing the fluorescent troffers with LED fixtures—and adding low-wattage architectural pendant lights—the wattage was approximately cut in half.
  • Graybar also designed an 86% wattage reduction for the display-case lighting, while adding improved light distribution, color temperature, and color rendering.

Can you turn results into a case study or testimonial to help you win future business? Dr. DiMartino was happy to rave about what we achieved:

“We now have general and accent lighting that meets our needs, and we have the satisfaction of knowing that our lighting energy consumption has dropped by 20%. We’re also saving from reduced HVAC costs. Our patients appreciate that we’re doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint.” –Dr. Bob DiMartino

In the end, Dr. DiMartino was happy, and his patients and customers (including myself) were happy. That’s a win-win, if you ask me.

Over To You

What do you focus on to sell lighting retrofits to small business owners? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below, or connecting with us on Twitter @GraybarESP.


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Kristian Reyes, LC, Manager, Lighting & PowerSmart Business

With 18+ years of hands-on experience under his belt, Kristian knows a thing or two about the importance of effective lighting solutions. During his career, he’s worked alongside top brands like GE, where he served in a number of management and sales roles. As the Manager of Lighting and PowerSmart Business for Graybar, Kristian leads the teams responsible for delivering energy-efficient solutions to Graybar’s California customers.


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